In addition to marketing and listing properties on the local MLS, properties are also listed on major rental sites such as,, and

We offer a number of products to our tenants to prepare them for home ownership;
Rent To own program (Owners and Tenants ask for details)
Rock the Score( On time rent payments reported to all 3 Credit Bureaus )
Secured MasterCard
Along with several other credit building products to get you on the road to Home Ownership!!!

We have a full team of repair coordinators to coordinate repairs between tenants, owners, and contractors. Owners can set repair thresholds and approve all repairs if desired and we also offer Financing for bigger projects.

All property accounting is done by our team of bookkeepers and accountants.        Owners receive online monthly statements, financial reports, and end of year tax statements

Our staff takes care of any evictions from start to finish. The eviction process usually   includes the Notice to Vacate, filing of the petition, and court appearance on the day of trial.

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